Aerial Data Capturing

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Practical Drone Solutions were recently approached by Total Geomatics to assist them with providing additional data to add to their ground based survey data, but from an aerial survey point of view. After turning up on site it was noticed that the field to be surveyed, had not been cleared of the cut grass, as can be seen in the RGB image below.

We were informed that the farmer was to turn up at some point during the morning to come and do the baling of the grass for the landowner. This obviously created an dilema for Total Geomatics as they were now not able to continue with their surveying, due to the continuous moving around of the tractor whilst baleing.

Practical Drone Solutions were able to get our drone up into the air and complete an aerial survey of the whole site, before the tractor  turned up. Practical Drone Solutions and Total Geomatics placed down and recorded a number of GCP’s (Ground Control Points) for this project, allowing us to increase our accuracy as well as giving the map “Global Accuracy”.

It will still be necessary for Total Geomatics to return to site to complete the ground based survey once the grass has been completely removed and leaving a nice clear field for them (A return cost?).

SO, how did Total Geomatics benefit by using Practical Drone Solutions’ Services on this occasion?
Well, we were able to do the complete aerial survey in a fraction of the time that it would have taken to do it by using the conventional method.

Granted, this is not a full “mm” accurate survey, but it gave Total Geomatics the opportunity to provide their client with the valuable data they were looking for, on a day and time frame, that would not otherwise have been possible.

What we were looking for, was the blue “VIENS” visible on the far left field (circled in red) in the image. These “VEINS” indicate the lowest point/s of the field.

This once again shows the importance and effectiveness of using a drone as part of surveying workflows. Drones are NOT the fix it all solutions, but ARE an important tool to assist surveyors.

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