Aerial Data Capturing

Photography & Filming
Aerial Inspections

Out of Reach Areas

By using our professional task specific drones, Practical Drone Solutions can assist with, or perform, aerial inspections, on those awkward “out of reach” areas.

The time that it takes to deploy a drone, and to obtain the necessary data, is easier, safer and noticeably quicker than traditional methods. Here at Practical Drone Solutions, our main aim is to provide a safe, professional service. A service which will benefit our clients by saving them time and money.

Structural Inspections

All of the captured data, will be available to the client to use in a way that will be beneficial to themselves.

Practical Drone Solutions will be happy to work alongside, or, to assist specialists or surveyors who work in this field.

The new DJI Matrice 210 aerial platform, which has the ability to have a camera mounted on the top of the aircraft, has now been added to our fleet, and is the perfect drone for doing inspections on structures that have overhangs, or, for being able to inspect, or survey, the underside of bridges for example.

Aerial Inspections