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Aerial Data Capture

Practical Drone Solutions are proud to announce that we have recently completed a number of projects with regards to aerial surveying.

Practical Drone Solutions were approached by TOTALGEOMATICS, to assist  them with the aerial data capturing for their projects.

Above all, the projects/tasks were successfully completed on time, and in a safe and professional manner (see images ).

Structual Inspections

To assist with capturing accurate results, Practical Drone Solutions supplied mobile targets (see image). These checkered targets were used as GCP’s (Ground Control Points).

With TOTALGEOMATICS assistance, we then recorded these with their professional measuring instruments, ie (total station).
Finally, these recordings were then added into the later processing stage, to help give us a much more accurate result.

As part of the project, Practical Drone Solutions are also able to help boost your presentation to your clients. By offering professional aerial photographs showing the site and surrounding areas in a way that has not been possible till now.

We also offer 4K filming and 360° aerial panorama photographs of the area that you would potentially like to develop/showcase, if needed.

Practical Drone Solutions are also able to provide 2D & 3D maps of the site. This helps office based developers or clients, get a much better and clearer understanding or overview of the site layout.

File formats that we can provide are as follows:

  • Orthomosaic = GeoTIFF or Jpeg
  • Elevation = JPG, Raw Elevation Values (DEM), Contour DXF (AutoCAD) and Contour SHP (Shapefile)
  • 3D Model = (.obj)
  • Point Cloud = (.las) and (.xyz)

If you would like to find out more information on how Practical Drone Solutions can save you time and money by adding drones into your survey workflow, please do not hesitate to get in touch via our website.