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Practical Drone Solutions are pleased to offer a service aimed at assisting industrial roofing companies with their initial roof inspections.

With our drone platforms, we are able to capture various “pre-planned” and “site specific”, sets of images, and then once all of these images have been processed through dedicated software programmes, we will deliver a hi-resolution Orthomosaic of the surveyed roof, giving our clients an unprecedented overall view of the entire roof surface.

It is a  proven fact, that by using drones to gather this type of data and information, is a much faster, but more importantly, a much safer method, as it removes the need for operatives to be working at height (a huge safety factor!!).

To do a thorough roof survey on the site that you can see in the image above, would take a considerable amount of time.

By using traditional methods, it would involve operatives needing to work in a potentially dangerous environment, broken glass being a real concern!. Practical Drone Solutions will however be able to complete this task in a fraction of the time, and in doing so, save our/your clients time and money.

A full survey report, in PDF format, will be produced once all of the images have been processed. You can see an example of this.

Roof Surveys

If this is a service that you think could benefit your client, or your own business, and you would like to find out more, please do not hesitate to get in touch with practical Drone Solutions via our contact page.