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Practical Drone Solutions is now able to offer Aerial Thermal (InfraRed) Surveys in collaboration with Mapair Thermography Ltd.

Thermal surveys show variation in external surface temperatures which are invisible to the naked eye and to normal cameras.

Thermal Surveys are carried out by a trained Thermographer, and can show:

  • Building heat loss – Identify poor internal insulation and Thermal Bridges leaking heat
  • Roof & Chimney Damage – Visualise areas with internal damage and damp, especially on large flat roofs and inaccessible areas
  • Hidden water leaks – Identify source and path of leaks
  • Below surface structures – Helps archaeological survey planning

This information together with high quality aerial photos and video helps provide targeted locations for maintenance planning.

More information is available at and in a recent edition of Government Business Magazine (p. 37

Thermal Imagery
Thermal Imagery

If this is a service that you think could benefit your client, or your own business, and you would like to find out more, please do not hesitate to get in touch with practical Drone Solutions via our website.

NOTE: Practical Drone Solutions are working in close partnership with TOTALGEOMATICS, an established survey company based in Aylesbury, and so, should there be a need for our aerial survey to include ground based survey techniques, TOTALGEOMATICS have agreed to implement this on behalf of Practical Drone Solutions.