Aerial Data Capturing

Photography & Filming

We are very happy to have completed another successful and safely carried out roof survey at the Weatherley Centre in Biggleswade.



Here at Practical Drone Solutions, safety is our first priority, and once we had placed all necessary safety signs and cordons in place, we were happy to proceed with the roof survey.

As can be seen in the images, some minor issues were noticed around the Chimney area. Although Practical Drone Solutions are not qualified to comment on the results from the survey, the footage that is obtained from the survey, once given to the client, will allow the client to show this to their professional roofing contractors, to study, and comment on. For the Client, this important data can now also be stored on electronic file for future reference, and checked against any future works that may be carried out.

As with the rest of the data that is passed on to the client, it will allow the client to take general measurements of the roof from the click of his/her computer mouse, measurements such as –

  • Area measurements,
  • Line measurements and
  • Elevation measurements.

This will be particularly useful for any future works/maintenance that may need to be carried out on the roof. For example, let’s say the tiled roof needed replacing, the client will then be able to take an area measurement of the damage tiled roof that would need replacing, and so therefore can order the correct amount of materials for the task, in turn, saving costs on wastage! (Please see image below showing the roof area calculation).



Apart from saving the client time, it was also not necessary to have to hire in any expensive and cumbersome access equipment for the initial survey. With the information given to the client by Practical Drone Solutions, it allows the client to plan in advance, exactly which, and how much, materials will be needed in order to carry out the repair works. This in turn will speed up the repair time, as all the necessary materials can be on site prior to the repair works starting.

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